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Total Building Maintenance Cleaning Services – Total Building Maintenance provides the best cleaning services for offices and operates only in the state of Texas. From the beginning, Total Building Maintenance, Inc. was determined as a different company. 

To be more efficient. To achieve a balance between quality and service unparalleled in the field. We have established a set of guiding principles that govern how each aspect of our company would be conducted.

The majority of schools, businesses offices, churches, and even schools can’t function effectively without the help of a custodian. 

A custodian is a key person required in any big commercial or commercial company. Their job is to maintain offices commercial buildings, schools hotels, hospitals, and even churches in good order. 

The important duties of a custodian include numerous tasks which include cleaning and waxing floors of schools and offices. T

hey also remove snow from the walkways of offices. Custodians can also be referred to as housekeepers or housekeeping.

Experience and education are required.

To be able to work in the position of a custodian, you require a graduation certificate from a high school or a comparable qualification.

However, this is not mandatory for every company. 

Certain companies employ custodians with the required qualification. 

If you’ve worked with the maintenance and custodial tasks in this area this could be advantageous to you. 

A majority of those applying will start at the lowest position in the department and have to acquire experience in order to climb to supervisory positions.

Custodian Job Responsibilities

  • In reporting to the custodian head who is in charge of the housekeeping service.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the bathrooms/restrooms in accordance with the standard guidelines established by the business.

Wipe and clean furniture. sweep, mop, and sweep the lobby floors. It is important to empty the garbage cans and wastebaskets at the beginning of each day. Replace the lights that aren’t functioning and make sure to refill the bathrooms with water.

Assist with the setting up of corporate meetings or events, as well as conferences. Apply floor sealing on hard surface floors, then clean and scrub carpets.

Custodian Salary

The most important factor in paying custodians their dues is the number of hours they work. A lot of companies employ part-time custodians to take the roles of full-time custodians. it makes the wage much lower. 

Custodians can earn anywhere from $10,000 and $44,000, based on their years of experience as well as the professional qualifications the custodian is able to provide.